your vision.

You have an idea. It might be a business, product, or a message you want to spread. Dual Digital is committed to putting your ideas first. From start to finish, customer input is an important part of the design process, influencing the smallest details of each media creation. Ensure your ideas make it to the screen.

center stage.

To make your ideas stand out, just any media production won’t do. We go out of our way to make your concepts look awesome. From video to web design, we guarantee high quality for an affordable price. Attract more attention, gain more traffic, and grow your brand with our work.

sam klejwa

Dual Digital is the freelance media project of Sam Klejwa, a visual effects artist and web and multimedia production specialist working out of the Minneapolis area. His work has ranged from visual effects on several feature films, to creating or remodeling almost 60 websites in the past four years.